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jason courneen massachusetts fellow


Jason’s wife Alexis was injured while on active duty in the U.S. Coast Guard. Among numerous other injuries, Alexis sustained a traumatic brain injury, which has greatly altered what either of them thought their lives would look like.  And it wasn’t until he found support from the community that their lives began to move forward. Now, with almost 15 years of experience as the husband of a pre- 9/11 veteran, Jason’s primary focus has been on her care, working tirelessly to ensure that all of her needs are met while raising children, working full time, and volunteering as an adaptive ski instructor.

Jason has faced many challenges unique to both male caregivers and pre- 9/11 veterans and is eager to share his experience to help others achieve the active, independent lifestyle that his family strives to live. As a Dole Caregiver Fellow, he is passionate about ensuring all families, regardless of era or branch of service, have the same opportunities to not only survive but overcome and thrive.