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Jo Sornborger, Psy.D. is the Director of the Operation Mend-FOCUS Psychological Health Program. As the Family Care Manager for UCLA Operation Mend, Dr. Sornborger provides family-centered psychological health care and resilience training to Wounded Warriors and their families. She served as Project Director of the Nathanson Family Resilience Center UCLA Welcome Back Veterans research project that is studying the effectiveness of innovative interventions that promote resilience and help mitigate the negative psychological health effects of deployment for Veterans and their families. Dr. Sornborger has expertise in the development and adaption of classroom and technology-based trauma-focused curricula and training programs. She served as project developer for Psychological First Aid (PFA Online) for the National Child Traumatic Stress NEtwork (NCTSN) and National Center for PTSD (NCPTSD), a highly interactive customized six-hour web-based training course to introduce relief workers and other professionals to the concepts of Psychological First Aid. Dr. Sornborger has provided professional training and consultation to national, state, and local agencies on PFA and issues related to pre-disaster preparedness and post-disaster interventions. She has provided training to Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health and LAUSD in trauma and co-occurring disorders, specifically trauma and substance abuse. Dr. Sornborger is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and has published her clinical research in a variety of academic and professional journals.