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Tina Atherall, DSW, LMSW

Tina brings to PsychArmor her vast experience and leadership in the military non-profit community and academia. In 2006, she co-founded Hope For The Warriors, an organization dedicated to serving combat wounded service members and their families. Scaling a grass-roots effort to a national platform, she worked extensively with various levels of military leadership, agencies, corporations, and communities educating and advocating for critical support for those who have served and their families. She has embedded her career in the field of social work innovation and leadership and obtained her Doctor of Social Work (DSW) from the University of Southern California. Her recent work focuses on the 12 Grand Challenges for Social Work to eradicate social isolation specifically the challenges of military family social isolation.

As an adjunct faculty, her love for PsychArmor began while utilizing the PAI educational videos to enhance teaching social work practice with military and their families to Masters of Social Work students in New York City.

As PsychArmor’s new CEO, Tina will continue the mission of educating a nation. She has fresh ideas to strengthen PsychAmor’s pivotal role as the “go to” place for employers, healthcare providers, educators, volunteers, municipalities, service providers, government workers, caregivers and communities to learn about how to better serve our military, Veterans and their families

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Quick Facts

Full Name: Tina Atherall
Hometown: Yorktown Heights, New York
Education: Doctor of Social Work (DSW) from the University of Southern California

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“Education raises a collective consciousness. It’s where the conversation starts– with people. We want to make a difference. Let’s do it together.”

Dr. Tina Atherall, DSW, LMSW
Chief Executive Officer