Navigating the Prostate Cancer Journey: Empowering Veterans and their Caregivers With Precision Medicine

This course is sponsored by MDxHealth. Being a caregiver often means advocating for your Veteran to receive the best quality care and standing by his or her side during happy and hard times. We hope this course will provide you with relevant information and clear action items to help you support your Veteran. This course will help you understand the prevalence of prostate cancer among Veterans, gain knowledge of a typical patient journey starting with screening as well as become aware of the pros and cons of biopsy testing and understand how to find information on the various biomarker tests that may be relevant at different stages of the diagnostic journey. Ultimately, you will walk away with a confidence when it comes to advocating for yourself or your Veteran and ensuring you receive the best quality care. This course is taught by Dr. Leonard Gomella, a Professor of Prostate Cancer and Chairman of the Department of Urology at Jefferson Medical College. He serve as the Clinical Director of the Jefferson Kimmel Cancer Center Network, where he is involved in both scientific and clinical research in the development of new diagnostic techniques and treatments for prostate, bladder and kidney cancer.

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