What You Should Know About Transition

Transitioning from military service can be difficult. It is more than just hanging up your uniform and putting on civilian clothes. In this course, you will receive a brief overview of resources and tools to consider during your transition.

Technical FAQs

In the course, “What You Should Know about Transition,” service members and Veterans receive an introduction to the transition process and the many tools and resources available to assist them throughout their transition journey.

Dr. Robert Gates, former Secretary of Defense, and Howard Schultz, Co-Founder of the Schultz Family Foundation, provide service members and Veterans with personal insight on the importance of building a transition plan, preparing a personal financial plan, and many other factors associated with transition from military service to the civilian sector. Sponsored by the Schultz Family Foundation, “What You Should Know about Transition” serves as an overview for a portfolio of courses available to help service members, Veterans and their families succeed during their transition.