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“Invisible Wounds at Home: Understanding Invisible Wounds” is designed to introduce the unseen injuries of military service, including PTSD, TBI, depression and substance use disorder. Narrated by subject matter expert Dr. Tina Atherall, we hope it will open a window for you into a unique part of the Veteran experience, and inspire you to learn more through our “Invisible Wounds at Home” series. We thank The USAA Foundation for sponsoring this course.

Sponsored by The USAA Foundation, “Invisible Wounds at Home: Symptoms of Substance Use Disorder” of is intended specifically for the family members of those who have served in uniform. We hope it will help shed some light on the possible symptoms your loved ones might be experiencing if they struggle with substance use disorder. Sometimes, by understanding a little bit more about what someone is going through, we are able to support that person better.

In this course, subject matter expert Dr. Ted Bonar will help families understand the complexity of these symptoms and what they mean, as well as instill hope that recovery is possible.