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Matt Feldhaus recently joined the team as the Learning Engagement and Development Manager where he will support community engagement activities at Psych Armor. Matt is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio but currently resides in Manhattan Beach, California. After receiving his BA in Managerial Economics from Allegheny College, he enlisted in the PA National Guard and served 6 years as a 35-M Human Intelligence collector. He completed his intelligence training at Fort Huachuca and then graduated from the Presidio of Monterey’s Defense Language Institute with fluency in Modern Standard Arabic. Matt worked for a couple years as a trainer for Apple in his hometown but eventually made his way to Cupertino to help the diversity and inclusion team at Apple HQ develop a Veterans hiring initiative.

Matt then transitioned to the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) to assist in the growth and expansion of the AmericaServes program. He helped lead the growth and expansion of this innovative community-based program to more than 15 different cities and established many cross-sector partnerships and collaborations. Matt is currently finishing his last couple classes for his MBA at Syracuse University and also works as a part-time trainer and fitness coach for F45 fitness studio. In his free time, Matt enjoys going on outdoor adventures, catching some morning waves with friends, rollerblading along the beach path, and experimenting with nutritious new recipes.