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Veteran Employment Consultant

Mark Beasley is a Marine Corps officer with 15 years of military leadership, corporate sales experience and two years assisting our most severely wounded Marine veterans. After graduating from the University of Oklahoma, he started his active duty career as a helicopter pilot serving two tours in Iraq. After flying duty he was a Marine officer recruiter. He was consistently ranked in the top five nationally. Notably, he was ranked #1 nationally for Completion Quality Percentage equating to recruiting the highest quality individuals to lead our nations Marines. After 10 years of active duty he made his first transition to the private sector in 2012.

After this transition, Mark was a medical sales representative for a cancer diagnostics laboratory company called Ameripath, owned by Quest Diagnostics. He exceeded expectations by growing an expansion territory by over 300% in just two years. He was responsible for new business growth presenting complex laboratory service offerings and business solutions to decision makers and healthcare providers such as physicians, lab managers, chief executive officers and boards of directors in various healthcare settings including, physician offices, surgical centers, and hospitals.

Mark recently completed another active duty period working for the Marine Corps’ Wounded Warrior Regiment. He covered the state of Virginia for all wounded, injured and ill Marine veterans that have transitioned from active duty and now reside in Virginia.  In this role he utilized a holistic case management strategy to include employment, education, medical care, entitlements, mentorship and recovery by forging personal relationships. Mark conducted over 100 home visits with Marines and their families to help them transition to civilian life. He worked with federal, state and local government entities to include the VA and DOD as well as non-profit organizations. Further, Mark participated in the Marine Corps Trials and the DOD Warrior Games, an adaptive sports Olympic style competition for wounded veterans. Mark has also participated in suicide prevention efforts involving four Marine veterans. Through this experience he gained a first hand and personal account of the drastic effect war can take on the home front. In this role, Mark became passionate about assisting our warriors most in need.

Mark plans to make his second transition from active duty in the coming months but continue to assist veterans make the critical transition to civilian life, and continue to reside in central Virginia with his wife and two children.