ROB PEKIN2017-03-28T19:00:56-07:00

MFT; Education & Resource Counselor

Rob Pekin is one of our Education and Resource Counselors. As one who has a strong desire to help others, fostered through his marriage and family therapy training as well as his own personal life experiences, Rob is committed to providing spaces where individuals can feel heard, cared about, and an absence of critical judgement. Furthermore, it is his goal to create possibilities, inspiration, and a sense of hope for a meaningful future for clients who may be facing some of their most challenging times.

In addition to his role at PsychArmor, Rob works at a non-profit community counseling center using a private practice model that accepts cases of all kinds. This enabled him to help couples, families, and individuals who all vary greatly in in culture, socio-economic status, as well as desires and expectations of therapy. He is passionate about, but not limited to applying postmodern theoretical ideas for clients, to encourage a journey towards a preferred destination of well-being, which may be different for every person.

Behind every veteran or active service member who has put their life at stake to protect our great country, there are family members, mental health professionals, volunteers, and various others civilians that care for veterans and active service members. These non-military personnel also share some of the high stakes inherent in serving our country. Rob is excited to be able to support these people, who support our freedom fighters.